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Robin from Salt Lake City, UT      Iceland,  2015 and 2016
Going to Iceland (twice) with Go Atlanta and Beyond travel was one of the best trips of my life! We saw SO much without being rushed and herded along like cattle. We received personalized attention, wonderful service and a legend of a local guide (Sio) like no other. I saw many incredible sights and did not have to rush through them on a strict time frame with a large crowd of other tourists. I truly left with new friends and great experiences. If you're looking for a unique, highly personalized, fun and adventure filled travel experience I HIGHLY recommend traveling with Mettina.

Michelle from Detroit, MI      Iceland, 2016
I am definitely still reflecting on the beauty of the country.  At first I thought it would just be a scaled down version of the Canadian Rockies – what could be different – glaziers and mountains all look alike.  I think what made it so different was the small intimate group, the spontaneity, Sio of course and his wonderful knowledge and the enthusiasm of you and Sandi and how much you love what you do.  You guys were truly inspiring. 

Craig from Washington, DC     Iceland, 2015
Mettina, thanks again for a wonderful time, best tour I have been on yet! Looking forward to a tour to Peru with Go Atlanta and Beyond!! 

Patricia from Gillette, WY      Iceland, 2014
Picturesque waterfalls with wow moments, sculptures of ice, immense snow-capped mountains, oozing steam, reindeer, northern lights, crashing waves and black pebble beaches all wrapped up with a dip in a milky blue geothermal hot spring. The tour director, Mettina van der Veen with Go To Atlanta and Beyond, LLC and professional photographer, Sandi Wheaton were pretty awesome also. I had taken a previous trip with them that was extremely well organized. Mettina and Sandi are adamant about pleasing their clients. They personally pick you up at the airport and drop you off. They had earned my trust so I jumped at the chance to go on another tour with them to Iceland. I have taken tours with other companies but Mettina and Sandi have been the only ones to warrant a second tour and very likely a future third tour.

Anna from Kingsville, ON      Iceland, 2013
This was my second tour with Go Atlanta and Beyond, LLC!! And I was just as pleased as the first time!! Mettina planned a very small group trip to Iceland and I was fortunate enough to be able to go. It was in November and the big draw was the aurora (“Northern Lights”) which peaks this winter. The tour was planned during a ‘new moon’ time in order to see the lights without the moon. Mettina arranged for all facets of the trip, including all accommodations, transportationation, native guides, sights to see etc. Iceland is a barren but beautiful country and the best word I would use to describe it is “PURE”. Unspoiled, unpolluted, and overwhelmingly friendly. We were able to eat local fare at every meal and learned about the customs and habits of Icelanders. Best of all, we got to see the Northern Lights! We went out on three different occasions, travelling to the most likely spot to view them. All this is dependant on the weather, cloud cover, location, and, of course, if Mother Nature cooperated. On our last full night, we saw half of the sky entirely engaged in dancing light. It was spectacular! Several tours go out nightly on a bus but we had the luxury of staying out as late as necessary, and travelling as far as we had to in order to view the lights. Again, travelling with Mettina was like being on a trip of a lifetime. Her sunny disposition and calm manner kept us all warm, inside and out.

Lisa from Atlanta, GA     Peru, 2013
One word: WOW!! Before our trip Mettina van der Veen had really gotten to know what my interests were and she put a tour together that went beyond my expectations! The variety of culture, activity and nature was just perfect! And as my personal tour director, Mettina made sure that all my needs were met! We mingled with the locals, were invited in a typical Peruvian homestead, got to eat the local foods..... Thanks to Go Atlanta and Beyond, LLC and Mettina van der Veen I now can say I have not only been to Peru but I also EXPERIENCED Peru!! A trip of a lifetime!!

Jeanette And Terry  from Kingsport, TN     Holland, 2012
I give Mettina van der Veen's tulip time tour to Holland 3 thumbs up!! It was an incredible experience that my husband Terry and I shared with 5 other great people. GO ON THIS TOUR WITH METTINA and create amazing memories. Holland is... now one of our favorite places in the universe- beautiful people , beautiful country. Thank you Mettina for an incredible week sharing your homeland with us. We loved our accommodations, food and all the sights and sounds of the Netherlands! So.... what are you waiting for BOOK a trip with Mettina and Go Atlanta and Beyond!! You won't be sorry.

Anna  from Kingsville, ON       Holland, 2012
Holland was a trip of a lifetime for me. Mettina carefully planned the entire trip and occasionally asked my opinion on a particular lodging or setting that I would like to see. There were 7 of us on the trip; just small enough to get to know each other well and not be crowded in our 9 passenger van. We were kept busy and saw several sights each day. A couple times were set aside for us to explore on our own in different locales. The country is very safe and we had no problem wandering alone. All major sights were covered throughout the country, as well as a tinge of local history, food and culture. We got to know the Dutch perspective on politics and community norms. All that aside, we saw Mettina’s bright, cheery personality shine throughout the entire trip. She was always in control, keeping us on schedule, helpful with our special individual needs, and professional in every situation. I would definitely go on any trip with Mettina!

Susan  from Denver, CO     Holland  self-drive 2012
Hello Mettina, Just a quick note to tell you we are having a great time here. Our hotels are great. The one in Haarlem was especially great and the one in Amsterdam is so centrally located it is amazing. Thanks for setting them up. We did get on the canals but in a boat. Hope to meet you someday when you are in Denver.

PJC from Atlanta, GA      a custom tour in Holland, 2011
I can't say enough about my recent trip to Holland with Go Atlanta and Beyond, LLC. My guide, Mettina, knew all the best places to take me and created a well organized trip that matched my requirements exactly. She planned both active events such as biking and hiking as well as cultural events (flower parade, boat trip on the canal, various city tours). She was also very knowledgeable about a wide variety of items ranging from the ancient burial sites (the Hunenbedden) to heather fields, birds, and island lore. I feel like not only did I go to Holland but I "experienced" Holland....a truly lifetime experience!

Sherilyn  from Decatur, GA      a personal family tour in Holland, 2010
If you are looking for a custom tour, Mettina van der Veen is the one to see! In December 2010, Mettina organized and led a tour to Holland for my 10 year old son and me. After arriving in Amsterdam, we boarded a train to Groningen from the beautiful Amsterdam Centraal Station built in 1890. During our stay in Eelde, a small town near Groningen, we had the opportunity to enjoy many local activities. We ate traditional Dutch delicacies at the outdoor market. We rode bicycles to and from town. My son got to go ice-skating with local children on a nearby frozen pond. We visited a centuries old castle, ate in many wonderful restaurants including one that served all kinds of pancakes on a boat in a canal, and were deeply moved by a visit to the Anne Frank House. And we participated in the New Years celebration with the locals, an incredible experience! Mettina made this trip so special by arranging activities specific to our interests and by providing opportunities to interact with Dutch people and experience Dutch culture. I highly recommend Mettina van der Veen as the organizer and guide for your next adventure.