Mettina van der Veen, founder and president, Certified International Tour Manager, Certified Tour Guide, Photographer  our netherlands expert and native guide and iceland expert

Mettina was born and raised in Holland (the Netherlands) where she received a BA in Social Youth Work. She had the opportunity to do an internship in the USA, which was a life-changing event. The culture shock, the incredible experiences.... it all made her dream of travelling and exploring the world... and she has done and continues to do just that!  She now lives in Atlanta, GA, but she continues to explore the world and find unique and exciting places, people and activities to share with our customers!

Mettina is a professional photographer (, with one of her most fascinating projects the photographic documentation of the Maroons in Jamaica. Her photographic documentary "Jamaican Maroons Exhibit" has been shown at universities and the prestigiousAuburn Avenue Research Library on African-American Culture and History

Mettina is also outdoors enthusiast and loves to share her knowledge and experiences with her fellow travelers! Her energy is contagious, her enthusiasm is motivating, her warm and open personality will make you feel comfortable immediately!

Dr. Harcourt Fuller, Ph.D. historian, associate professor, author (
As a scholar of Maroon descent and a Jamaican native, and through his extensive international research, Dr. Harcourt Fuller has become an expert on the history, the life and migration of the Maroon Clan of Jamaica. Dr. Fuller has organized a fantastic tour for his students and faculty, and he is now working with us on a  similar tour of a lifetime!  Harcourt's love for his native Jamaica, his research, his passion and his wonderful sense of humor, make this tour truly a unique opportunity to learn about and experience Jamaica in a unique way!

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Sigurjon Fjeldsted
Our dear friend, our driver and our native Iceland guide, Sio... because to pronounce Sigurjon is just too much of a tongue twister! Sio is a certified tour guide in Iceland and a freelance guide for several Icelandic tour organizers. He knows Iceland inside out and loves to share his stories and favorite off the beaten path locations. His fun personality, his knowledge and his genuine care for his fellow travelers, make our tours in Iceland a truly fantastic and unforgettable experience!

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Bryan Wilbert Quispe Huaman 
Bryan has guided tours and expeditions in Peru for more than 15 years. He was born and raised in community 20 miles away from Cusco. His first language is Quechua, learned Spanish at primary school and learned English at the university. Bryan  Moved to Cusco looking for better opportunities, where he started working as a porter on the Inca Trail, but since has owned his own company and he continues to share his excitement  and knowledge as certified tour guide.  He knows many unknown trails, less frequented paths, he is passionate about his country and culture and he knows how to make sure are clients are going home with stories and history to tell.

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Intra Auengsirirat
Soon we will start working together with our dear friend Intra Auengsirirat, we call her Moo. Moo is a Thai native and has been a tour guide in Thailand for many years. Her wealth of knowledge, her resources, her enthusiasm and her warm and thoughtful personality make her the perfect person to help us create this amazing tour and guide us through her beautiful and interesting homeland Thailand!!

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Sandi Wheaton, Certified International Tour Manager, photographer, forensic photography teacher, artist, travel-blogger

After ten years working as a video producer for General Motors in Detroit, she became the victim of the automotive industry collapse. She says it was a blessing in disguise! She took the opportunity to focus on some incredible photography projects: documenting the entire 2400+ miles of Route 66, her documentation of the ecologically-troubled Salton Sea in desert California, as well as other projects. Both of these projects have been awarded numerous awards and interviews for TV and news publications. Sandi has been exhibiting in the US and Canada for numerous years. (for more

Sandi made another change in her life after her separation from General Motors, she became a Certified International Tour Manager and she has been directing tours for several years. One of her most exciting tours is the Sandi Wheaton's Desert Photography Tour!

Sandi's desire to share her passion for travel and adventure, her genuine care for each of her passengers, her planning skills,  her attention to detail, her sunny personality and her creativity and incredible photography knowledge, make her a one of a kind wonderful tour manager!