This tour will offer a first-hand opportunity to explore and research over 500 years of Jamaica’s diverse and dynamic history and culture, including the contemporary challenges of a developing island-nation in a globalizing world. We will visit national heritage and cultural sites relating to the people, places and events significant to Jamaican history, spanning the pre-colonial era through today. You will learn about pirates (such as Henry Morgan), high priestess and military strategist Nanny of the Maroons, Pan-Africanist pioneer Marcus Garvey, Reggae music icon Bob Marley and Olympic gold-medalist and world’s fastest man Usain Bolt. Program highlights include hiking the 500-year-old Cunha Cunha Pass Maroon Heritage Train, lodging at the Ambassabeth Eco Lodge Cabins and home-stays with Maroon families.

We are honored that we will be able to offer this incredible tour!! Our dear friend (and sometimes our personal cook!:)) Harcourt Fuller, Ph. D., history professor at GSU in Atlanta, a Jamaica native of Maroon descent, has researched the history of the Maroons for many years. He has made a documentary which has been shown at Universities around the world and he is currently writing a book and has co-directed, with Hollywood producer Roy Anderson, the fascinating documentary: "Queen Nanny: Legendary Maroon Chieftainess" 


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Dr. Harcourt Fuller has organized a fantastic tour for his students and faculty and he is now working with Go Atlanta and Beyond, LLC on a tour of a lifetime! Harcourt's love for his native Jamaica, his research on his ancestry the Maroons, his passion and his wonderful sense of humor, make this tour truly a unique opportunity to learn about and experience Jamaica!

We have not set the dates for this tour yet, but if you are interested and would like to get updates on this tour, please submit the form and we will keep your posted!